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Through these programs you will not only see places, but you will also visit them, live them and feel that they are part of your own experience through a legendary living culture that has great stories through which we will “caress” the highest levels of your emotional pyramid.

Lulled by the soft and refreshing breeze of Colombia’s first artery, the Magdalena River, lies this mystical town of Tapia mansions, mud tiles and endless gardens called MOMPOX, which takes its name from the Cacique Mompoj leader of the tribes that inhabited the region at that time. It was declared a National Monument in 1959 and subsequently a World Heritage Site in 1995.

Mompox Magic Mystery



Our philosophy is to travel to different places in a different way offering the tourist the possibility to explore and interact with the traditions of each of our destinations to explore everything there is to see and to do in this diverse land of coffee plantations, vibrant cities, heritage villages steeped in history, undiscovered archaeological sites, remote destinations, exotic wildlife and wonderfully warm and welcoming people.



Just 345 km from Bogota is the most beautiful town in Colombia, named since 1975 as a National Monument and Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


The Villa de Leyva Ancestral tour will allow you to appropriate its cobblestone streets, its aroma, its ancestral knowledge, its large courtyard mansions, its spaces for gathering and art, as well as the multiple nuances of its mountains.


Lulled by the soft and refreshing breeze of Colombia’s first artery, the Magdalena River, lies this mystical village of tapia mansions, mud tiles and endless gardens called MOMPOX.


The Paisaje Cultural Cafetero is in the heart of Colombia, where around the soft and delicious aroma of coffee is engendered in the magic of the thick vegetating mountains, its autochthonous architecture, its beds loaded with tradition and its human kindness.

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Through the helicopter we shorten distances and allow the tourist an experience of immersion in the realism of the landscapes offering a panoramic view of the biodiversity and richness of Colombia, thus maximising the time available for the realisation of the experience.

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